Hi, I'm Xavier Godart

A 35-year-old french guy. I live in Bordeaux, France.

I can be two things...

a web developer or a musician

You can contact me via

Web Developer

I'm a full-stack web developer since 9 years and I've worked in very diverses environments. I currently work at pureMix.net. You can find a complete resume here (in french only).

Here are some skills I acquired along the years:


  • PHP (Symfony / Laravel)
  • Python (Flask)
  • MySQL / MariaDB
  • MongoDB
  • Elasticsearch
  • Redis


  • Bootstrap
  • Semantic UI
  • VueJS
  • AngularJS

Sysop / Devop

  • Linux (mainly Debian and Ubuntu)
  • Bash
  • SaltStack
  • Ansible
  • Cloud providers/systems (AWS, OVH/OpenStack)
  • Virtualization (proxmox)


I play mainly guitar in metal or experimental bands, but I try to make noises with other things.

Here are some projects of mine, or bands I collaborated with at some point:


Solo project since 2013 - Minimal drone / ambient

email - bandcamp - facebook - soundcloud - vimeo


Guitar and Synths since 2017 - Experimental folk / acoustic

bandcamp - facebook

The Great Old Ones

Guitar from 2011 to 2016 - Black metal

bandcamp - facebook